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Hills and Hollows

Hills & Hollows is a Portland, Oregon based duo weaving Celtic Roots music and song with a mystical heart. Ryan Powell and Jake Greico share a love for the songs and tunes of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and beyond. They share a unique weaving of songs ancient and new with jigs, reels, and melodies of Ireland played on Flute, Irish Bouzouki, Bodhran, Whistle, Guitar, Stomp Box and a wee bit of Didjeridu.

Joining together in song and music is an ancient way of harmonizing our hearts with the present moment and to form a true community of deep listening and collective heart song. 

About us:

Ryan Powell was indoctrinated at birth into a lifetime love of Irish music by his father John who sang him the old ballads in his deep voice whenever he had the chance and a captive audience. Ryan took up guitar and whistle at a young age and began to play ballads after his first visit to Ireland as a young teenager in 1986. During the early 1990’s, Ryan lived in Ireland for 6 months and busked the streets of Galway and Dublin while studying James Joyce with Senator David Norris and absorbing the rich culture and music of the east and west of the country. 

In the mid 1990’s, Ryan was one of the founders of Celtic Rock band Blind Rafferty which played all around the Pacific Northwest for 6 years and recorded two albums. 

Today, Ryan weaves together his study of Daoist philosophy, martial arts and energy cultivation with his love of Irish music and lore. He guides the One Root Sacred Ireland journey to the SW of Ireland every few years and orchestrates a deep tour of the land which includes local storytellers and guides and daily health building Qigong practice. 

Jake Greico has been performing traditional music for dances, pub audiences and events since 2005. Hailing from Vermont and exposed from an early age to the lively folk music scene there, he's been honing his craft on Irish flute, DADGAD guitar, and folk singing since his late teens. Now a Portland resident of eight years, Jake collaborates regularly in sessions and performances with many of the most highly regarded Irish musicians in the area. He currently performs most frequently with "Outbound Traveler (, a trio whose music spans traditional and contemporary folk traditions from the Appalachia's to the British Isles; and "Hills and Hollows", a duo whose focus is to bring together Celtic song and tunes in a mystical and heartfelt way. Jake has established his footing on a lifelong path of music and performance, and these two projects represent the leading edge of his his ever-deepening journey with traditional music. Both groups are receiving high praise for the richness, beauty and diversity of their respective sounds.

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Trivia Night